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Pro Tips for Giving Your Partner a Massage

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

You don’t have to be a professional masseuse to give your partner a high-quality massage. However, giving a good massage is probably more challenging than you think. You can’t just pull a bottle of moisturizer out of the bathroom closet and start slathering it on your partner. There’s some skill and technique involved.

Learn how to give a great massage and your partner will be impressed and grateful. A great massage is something your partner won’t soon forget! Try these techniques: 1. Consider the location and the surface.

Privacy can matter, depending on the type of massage. You might be able to massage your partner’s neck at the park, but there are some massage options that might be questionable to do in public. Then again, the kitchen floor might be private, but less than appealing. The environment matters. ● A firm surface is best. It’s not easy to give a great massage on a soft bed. In fact, it’s uncomfortable for the giver and the receiver. A clean, carpeted floor can work well, but can be hard on the knees of the masseuse. If you want to get really fancy, consider buying a massage table. 2. The type of oil or lotion matters.

Many skin moisturizers are poor choices for massage purposes. They don’t glide well and absorb into the skin too quickly. Choose an oil that’s intended for massage purposes. It might take some experimentation to find the best one for you and your partner. 3. Use the oil properly.

Warm the massage oil before applying it to the body. You can pour it onto your hands and warm it by rubbing your hands together. You can also warm the bottle in warm water. ● Always avoid applying the oil directly to your partner’s body. Always apply it to your hands. This avoids over application of the oil and helps to normalize the temperature of the oil. 4. Lighting, music, scent.

Consider all the aspects of the location where you’ll be giving the massage. There are many options for lighting. You can use color lighting, candles, or anything else that you think will work. Low lighting is often the best option. ● Nature sounds? Soft jazz? No noise at all? It’s up to you and your partner. ● Some people love strong scents, while others find them offensive. Some people love the smell of lavender, and others despise it. Choose wisely. 5. Start with the bigger muscles.

It’s best to begin with the back and the thighs. You can then branch out to the shoulders, arms, neck, and lower legs. ● Focusing on the bigger muscles first will help your partner to relax sooner and more deeply. 6. Get the pressure right.

A massage can be too hard or too soft. Communicate with your partner and get feedback. It won’t take long before you know what your partner likes. 7. Avoid going too fast.

It can take a little time to really work a muscle thoroughly. If you move your hands too quickly, or move to a new area too quickly, your partner can feel frustrated. Take your time. It’s not a race. 8. Avoid lingering too long.

It’s also possible to spend too much time on one area. The skin and the muscle can become irritated if you focus for too long on one spot. 9. Learn more

There are many styles of massage and many massage techniques. Consider getting a book or taking a class. There’s much to learn! 10. Take turns!

You’ll learn more about giving a massage if you’re regularly on the receiving end of one. Besides, you deserve it! Surprise your partner this weekend with a professional quality massage. You’ll be impressed by how many points you score and by how much fun you have in the process. Make plans to shake up your weekend routine and pamper your partner.

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